The Berlin Connection

- Tango Musik Seminar -

Stefan & Marian aus Nijmegen &

Daniela & Raimund aus Berlin


19. bis 21. April 2024

in Amersfoort


“Tango Beyond Figures”


There’s a time to learn figures and a time to learn how to create your own dance expressing the music you listen to.
We’re using well known songs in different versions interpreted by different orchestras at different eras to find the similarities and certainly the differences.


In Tango music, compositions are often played and arranged by different orchestras. In the complex web of the entire Tango history we will follow the thread here and there of a composition that leads us through time, past famous and less famous orchestras, past singers and soloists. On the basis of a composition we experience how the music was interpreted differently by the orchestra leaders, which stamp the musicians and the spirit of the time put on the performance and how the chemistry between the musicians could lead to artistic highlights.

This is a huge challenge for dancers. We already have a vocabulary, the figures and the movement structures of the Tango. We definitely need the basic skill of dancing if we now use it consciously. The more we hear in music, the more varied we can express in dance. We connect the ears with the feet and convert everything in between into an actively resonating body. Once made sensitive to the incredible variety in musical interpretations, dancing becomes a new adventure.

This seminar weekend was set up to make small and large discoveries in that layered Tango music, to enrich our own dance spectrum.


 Plan / schedule:


Freitag 19. April
20.00 - 21.30 TangoTombola
Samstag 20. April
13.60 - 17.30 Seminartag 1 (incl. breaks)
Sonntag 21. April
13.30 - 17.30 Seminartag 2 (incl. breaks)


Preise / Prices:


Seminar Fr. | Sa. | So. (10,5 Stunden) 160,00 €
1 Seminartag Sa. oder So. (4 Stunden) 75,00 €
2 Seminartage Sa. & So. (8 Stunden)
140,00 €
TangoTombola 30,00 €


  0049/172/32 32 152