High Noon Tango Marathons Berlin


Our venue für summer!


Where will we dance in August? For the summer edition we return to the Peter Edel Kulturhaus in Weissensee. After a successful premier in 2023: We are back!
It is a beautiful venue day and night, and we even have a garden  . For the ones interested (or not) I collected some facts about the place:
The buildings were erected in 1887 on the park grounds around the lake. As early as 1877, the tram ran from Alexanderplatz towards Weißensee. It was still a horse-drawn tram with the "Neue Berliner Pferdebahn-Gesellschaft". Final stop: Schloss Weißensee (don’t panic they have changed it).
As the "Welt-Etablissement Schloss Weißensee" it attracted the masses from 1885 onwards with attractions such as an amusement park.
There was also a brewery with a small and large ballroom. In 1927 the large ballroom was converted into a cinema. "Lichtspiele Schloss Weißensee" was its name.
The buildings were not destroyed in the WW2, as many ballrooms. It was turned into a cultural center for many decades, then closed after the banking crisis in 2008.
Used by an artist gallery as an atelier during this sleeping beauty period, and finally in 2018 it was opened again.
A very happy ending, compared to other sad stories of historical ballrooms in Berlin.
We it for many reasons. Hint for West Berliners: Yes you can make it to Weissensee.