The Berlin Connection - Tango Musik Seminar -

Stefan & Marian aus Nijmegen & Raimund & Daniela aus Berlin

7. bis 9. September
2018 in Berlin
"The Berlin Connection" ist ein Gemeinschaftsprojekt von Marian & Stefan aus den Niederlanden und Daniela & Raimund aus Berlin.
Die Vier kennen und schätzen sich als Tänzer und Lehrer schon seit vielen Jahren und es verbindet sie neben dem Tango auch eine sehr intensive Freundschaft mit einander.
Tanz und Musik im Tango sind nicht voneinander zu trennen. Mit einigen Kenntnissen habe wir einen besseren Zugang zu den Besonderheiten des Tango und unser Tanz wird ausdruckvoller. Unser Workshopwochenende bietet hierfür ein besonderes Konzept: Vor jedem Workshop gibt es eine kurze Einführung zum Thema, danach gehen wir zum praktischen Teil über. 


"The Berlin Connection" is a joint project by Marian & Stefan from the Netherlands and Daniela & Raimund from Berlin.

The four know and appreciate each other as a dancer and teacher for many years.

Both in Tango and in life they share an intensive friendship.


Dance and music in Tango are inseparable. With some knowledge we have a better access to the special features of tango and our dance gets more expressive. In our workshopweekends we offer a special concept: Prior to each workshop, there is a brief introduction to the topic, then we move on to the practical part.


 Plan / schedule:


Freitag 7. September
19.00 - 22.00 Die Nacht der Tangoorchester - kompakt - mit Raimund
Samstag 8. September
13.00 - 17.30 Seminartag 1
  incl. breaks
Sonntag 9. September
11.00 - 15.30 Seminartag 2
  incl. breaks


Welcome at the weekend seminar “Living Colours !!!”

Learn as you dance.
We want you to listen differently to music and dance differently to every piece of music. Therefore we stay closely connected to the character of the milongas you attend to dance with a lot of different styles and types of music.


Four qualities: power, calm, vigour, happiness.
Four colours: red, blue, green, yellow.
Let’s mix 

To give you the opportunity to work consistently and without a hurry we organize the classes on Saturday and Sunday in the form of seminars which will stretch over the whole afternoon (with breaks of course).

The weekend seminars will start with a very interactive lecture on Friday called “Orchestral playground” given by Raimund Schlie. In these two hours we will discover Tango music and its protagonists. Using videos, music, lots of information and – of course – practical exercises we will reveal the essentials of this fascinating music: who created it and how did these guys do it?

Some background

Most of the milongas are structured in blocks of music (tandas). The DJs do their very best to weave a diverse and exciting carpet of music during the event to entice the dancers to keep dancing and inspire them with a lot of different music. The dancers on their part want to respond to that diversity by expressing the music with a different quality of movement according to the music. Our goal is to stay in the seminars as close as possible to that diverse character of the milonga.

To achieve that we are defining for four primary qualities: power, calm, vigour and light. There are of course much more qualities and facets but by isolating those basic entities we get a basic platform to work on.

Now lets assign these primary qualities with a colour: power = red, calm = blue, vigour = green and light = yellow.

The idea is to reduce every song to one of those four primary qualities. Having done that we can adjust our dance according to our quality of choice. That means that we have uncountable possibilities to vary our way of moving. That is true in the first place for our own body but it also is applicable inside the couple.

How it works

On every seminar day we have a couple of buckets – assigned to one of the primary colours. We fill every bucket with a music (that might be a single piece or a whole tanda) and a movement. During the seminar every bucket will be used in a different way. There is no time limit which means that on some buckets will only be worked for 15 minutes whereas others take 45 minutes to be handled.

The aim is to first single out the basic quality of a song or tanda and apply it to the movement in the bucket. From there on we go to the facets, edges and overlappings of both the music and the movement which always exist.



Friday 7. September
19.00-22.00 Lecture “Orchestral playground” with Raimund
Saturday 8. September
Ocho cortado in Vals —
Enrique Rodríguez
Backward ocho —
Ricardo Malerba
Boleos —
Carlos Di Sarli
Closing steps —
Edgardo Donato


Ocho cortado in Vals —
Francisco Canaro
Backward ocho —
Francisco Lomuto
Boleos —
Rodolfo Biagi
Closing steps —
Roberto Firpo


Sunday 9. September
Walk —
Ángel D’Agostino
Turn —
Pedro Laurenz
Paradas & pasadas —
Miguel Caló
Vaiven —
Francisco Canaro


Rhythmical walk with cortes —
Julio de Caro
Turn —
Pedro Laurenz
Paradas & pasadas —
Osvlado Pugliese
Vaiven in Milonga —
Orquesta Típica Victor



Preise / Prices:


Seminar Fr. | Sa. | So. (11 Stunden) 120,00 €
1 Seminartag Sa. oder So. (4 Stunden) 60,00 €
Audio-visual lecture (3 hours)
Nacht der Tango-Orchester - kompakt -
30,00 €


Ort: Anmeldung:
La Berlinesa
Berliner Strasse 46
10713 Berlin | U-Bahn Blissestrasse

0049|(0)172|32 32 152

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